Share your story of support for YouthBuild

Help YouthBuild Philadelphia win up to $100,000 from Gildan Genuine Stewardship by sharing why you support our school and students!  The “I Support…” program is designed to encourage people to share how the charities they support are making a genuine positive impact on the world.

Student Shakila Alexander recently posted her story:

I think that YouthBuild is a blessing.  I was never a bad student, but I wasn’t able to finish out my (final) high school year. After a year of being out of school, and having a job I wasn’t happy with, I decided to stop wasting (my) and my childrens’ time. I wanted to be something greater. Attending YouthBuild was one of the being things I could have done. My opportunities are endless now.  I’m grateful that a school like YouthBuild exists.

Follow this link to our page to “Like” her story and others, then click “SUPPORT THIS CHARITY” to share your story.

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