Building Bridges at Peirce College

Last Wednesday was a busy day!  We celebrated the completion of two summer bridge programs – first at CCP, and then later in the afternoon at Peirce College in Center City.

Six students successfully completed a college skills preparation course (“PRC 100”) at Peirce and received certificates of completion.  During the ceremony, staff encouraged students enrolling at Peirce in the fall to advocate for themselves and utilize the school’s student resources to ensure success.  “Everyone can go to college, but not everyone can stay in college,” one of them pointed out.  “You have to be persistent.”

Another professor reflected on education as an ongoing, never-ending process.  In our fast-changing world, continuing one’s education throughout adulthood is a must, she said.  “You have to keep moving and keep going.”

This was our first summer of bridge programming in partnership with Peirce.  Kudos to the Peirce and YouthBuild staff – and, of course, the students – who have done so much to build this bridge to new opportunities!

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