Student Food Pantry Opens at YouthBuild!

Last month, students in our Business Administration & Customer Service track opened an in-house food pantry, which provides free food to eligible students. Most of our students live in low-income households and many face food insecurity, which negatively affects their health and their education. Our Case Management team helped with the creation of this valuable resource, and with identifying eligible students.
Items in the pantry range from dairy products and other refrigerated or frozen goods, as well as canned foods,fruit juices,and other non-perishable goods.
Our Business Administration students have experience with food bank operations from volunteering at Share Food Program in North Philly, and running the food cabinet will add to their work experience. Share donated food to the cabinet at YouthBuild Philly; additional support came from the Student Support Fund launched last summer.
We are in need of durable tote bags to help students take food home! If you have any grocery totes to spare, please let us know. 
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