YouthBuild’s staff is composed of committed educators, administrators, counselors, vocational instructors and AmeriCorps members. We are a diverse team of professionals, united in our high standards and commitment to serving the best interests of the students.

No matter their role at the school, every employee at YouthBuild plays a part in creating a safe and positive educational environment where amazing transformations can take place.

YouthBuild Philly has been named a Top Workplace in Philadelphia for six years running. Click here to see available positions at YouthBuild Philly.

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Right to Know Officer

Frederick Bader, School Psychologist, Compliance Coordinator


Scott Emerick, Executive Director


Adesanya Karade, Chief Financial and Operating Officer

Jenna Dougherty, Business Adminstrator

Joshua Neilson, Help Desk Specialist


Allison Predjulek, Controller

Brian Sullivan, Senior Accountant

Jaclyn Cline, Junior Accountant

Program General

Program Operations

Anna Latshaw, Interim Program Operations Director


Meredith Molloy, Chief Development Officer

Ted Molloy, Individual Giving Manager

Khalil Bullock, Public Relations & Communication Specialist


Paul Luong, Grants and Data Manager

Chloe Harvey, WIOA Grants Coordinator

Keeshawn Nicholson, AmeriCorps Grants Specialist

Academic Education

Sarah Burgess, Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Jody Cohen, Language Arts Teacher

Frank Rocchi, Literacy Specialist

Erika Starr Celley, Mathematics Teacher

Hector Roman, Language Arts Teacher

Peter Celona, Science Teacher

Anthony Smith, Social Studies Teacher

Christina Neilson, Mathematics Teacher

College and Career Partnership

Zurrell Toney, Associate Director of Partnerships and Alumni Success

Katie Charbonneau, Vista

Specialized Services

Frederick Bader, School Psychologist, Compliance Coordinator

Richard Chalme, Special Education Teacher

Erin Young, Special Education Teacher

Shannon Caldwell, Special Education Teacher

Rebecca Wanner, English Language Teacher/Coordinator


Aletta Jones-Sterling, Counselor, Consultant

Cheryl Thomas, Counselor, Consultant

George Ford, Counselor, Consultant

Student Life & AmeriCorps

Zuri Stone, Director of Student Life

Iyana Odums, Student Life Assistant


Thomas Hagan, Community Projects Coordinator

Bethany Goodge, Community Projects Coordinator

Frannie Elliot, Community Projects Coordinator

Student and Alumni Success

Ana Dopazo, Director of Student and Alumni Success

Samantha Cranford, Student and Alumni Success Coordinator

Latosha Morris, Student and Alumni Success Coordinator

Frank Redmond, Student and Alumni Success Coordinator

Kali Thomas, Student and Alumni Success Coordinator

Shamera Boozer, Student and Alumni Success Coordinator

Vocational Training

Melissa Jackson-Schmidt, Director of Workforce Development

Building Trades

George Jenkins, Building Trades Instructor

Ronald Payton, Youth Development Specialist

Business Administration Scholars

Kimberly Paulus, Stomping Grounds Café Manager/Instructor 


Harry Salmond, Healthcare Coordinator/Instructor

Erica Smith, Healthcare Community Projects Coordinator

Child and Youth Care

Mallory Deptola, Child and Youth Care Coordinator