Director of Student Life

Leader. Mentor. Father.

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they’ll never sit in,” is the motto that Ameen I. Akbar lives by throughout his continuing career in service to the communities of Philadelphia.

Akbar is currently the Director of Student Life and a Senior Manager at YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School. He has been part of this dynamic organization since January of 2006. He began as a Case Manager and was quickly promoted to the Dean of Students prior to his current position. Akbar is seen as an instrumental figure in the development of an outstanding culture and climate at YouthBuild Philadelphia. He was also credited for redefining the position of Dean of Students largely through implementing a restorative practices approach to the discipline process and teach lifelong, sustainable behavior change. In addition to overseeing culture and climate, is responsible for the administration of service programming through YouthBuild’s AmeriCorps program. He has a deep passion for the education of youth and in his position at YouthBuild he has been able to be a role model for a countless number of young adults for over a decade. Akbar’s passion for the YouthBuild movement has gone beyond Philadelphia. He has worked closely with YouthBuild  programs across the country as a National Directors Fellow and internationally in South Africa.

Throughout his personal life and professional career Akbar strives to be a tangible example for people to look towards. As a leader in his community, as a mentor to thousands and as father to 2 daughters, it is his life’s mission to continue along that path of wanting the life for others that he has been so fortunate to receive.