Special Education Coordinator

Ashlee graduated from Temple University in 2011 and is currently going to Cabrini College to earn her Masters in Education and Reading Specialist Certificate. Ashlee credits her students with motivating her to continue her education: “In order to be at my best I know that I must continue studying and researching so that my students are receiving the best.”

Ashlee is deeply inspired by her students and their bravery in the face of challenges, as well as their triumphs during their time at YouthBuild. She finds it truly admirable when an 18 or 19 year old student feels comfortable and trusts her enough to admit they cannot read or have greatly struggled with reading their whole life. Ashlee’s husband is also a Special Education Teacher and reminds her of how influential and powerful she can be to her students, and has inspired her to continue her schooling and advance professionally.

In addition to being a teacher, Ashlee is a dog lover, particularly when it comes to her dog Jaida, who reminds her about the simpler things in life. Ashlee also loves going to country concerts, sitting by bonfires in the fall, and anything chocolate!