Healthcare Community Projects Coordinator

Erica Smith is a Community Projects Coordinator at YouthBuild Philly. Erica recently joined the YouthBuild Philly team after graduating from The College of Social Work at Temple University. YouthBuild Philly’s mission statement and organizational practices relate to Erica’s personal  belief in the necessity of education to provide or ensure a better quality of life and advancement of human dignity for individuals and communities. 

 Before YouthBuild, as a  stay at home mother of three children, Erica learned that you may think that you are teaching them but they are really teaching you. She believes that saying “I don’t know” can often be the smartest thing to say; as it can give others the chance to teach you what they know and also encourage others to have the  security to ask questions when they are unsure of the answer. The value  of education as an instrument of opportunity to realize one’s own goals is determined by one’s vulnerability to learn. YouthBuild provides the same environment of challenging  what it means to be  an agent of change. She is a proud member of the encouraging YouthBuild Philly community.