Executive Assistant

Eva Lexie has been the Executive Assistant at YouthBuild Philly since 2008.  She was born in Sweden, spent her childhood in England, her teen years near Philadelphia and her college years in Canada where she received a degree in Political Science from the University of Toronto.

Eva began her career in customer service at an insurance company, moving through supervisory roles and then into the IT department as a business analyst and programmer.  During a career break to raise five children, she immersed herself in numerous volunteer jobs including work on boards and committees for church and educational institutions.  In 2005 she became involved in a small grass-roots nonprofit dedicated to helping victims of Hurricane Katrina in coastal Mississippi.  By multi-tasking in almost every role from Volunteer Coordinator to Treasurer to Acting Director, she learned that nonprofit work was her passion.

When it came time to return to full-time employment, Eva was delighted to find a perfect fit for her talents in an organization that truly makes a difference in young people’s lives.  Even though her work is primarily with the board and the administrators of the school, she feels a strong connection to the students whose future success is the focus and purpose of it all.