Social Studies Teacher

Kenya C. Ramey has always understood her studies in Africana Studies, with her professional experiences and civic engagement to be manifestations of the essential commitment to education, cultural advocacy and social justice. This commitment is the thread that interconnects her various experiences and gives purpose to the work that she does. As a 4th generation teacher-scholar, Kenya’s paradigm is influenced by the historiography of indigenous cultures of the world and contemporary movements. Having received her formal education from Virginia State University (BA, History & Africana Studies) and Temple University (MA, Africana Studies) she has serviced Harlem, New York and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania educational spaces and several international communities: Ghana, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Africa, Cuba, Brazil, India, Haiti and Puerto Rico. She emphasizes the importance of a student centered facilitation that combines the aesthetics, historical analysis, contemporary relations, intellectual rigor, communal responsibility, academic integrity, culture relevance and professional support. Kenya is honored to have joined the YouthBuild Philly community in August 2016 as it’s Research in Social Studies Teacher where her classroom functions as an intergenerational village – the subject matter serves as the collective map and consciousness is our guide. She enjoys spending quality time with her family, traveling, sipping on delicious coffee, taking modern dance classes, perusing museums and art galleries and is the embodiment of the marketplace woman with hopes of opening a fair trade boutique of ethnic goods. Kenya C. Ramey is a lifelong learner, servant leader and agent of change who combines research and practice as an educator in service to her community. She who learns, teaches.