Graduation from YouthBuild’s academic and vocation program is just the beginning of our students’ educational and professional journeys. A diploma alone does not guarantee postsecondary success, as Philadelphia’s 10% college completion rate demonstrates. With this in mind, YouthBuild Philly dedicates significant resources and time to preparing students for life after YouthBuild while they are still enrolled in the program. Each student is required to explore careers and college pathways, and to develop an individual plan to accomplish their goals.

In the months leading up to graduation, students participate in “bridge” programs at local colleges, businesses, and training programs to gain exposure to higher education or a professional field.

After graduating from the academic and vocational training stage, YouthBuild alumni receive a second year (Year 2) of career counseling and supports from Postsecondary staff to ensure that they maintain employment and/or enrollment, and continue to progress towards their goals.

Class of 2014 Placement and Class of 2015 Placement Progress

From 2014-2015, Class of 2014 enrollees received Year 2 supports. Their six-month placement data (whether enrollees transitioned into another opportunity, and where, within six months of exiting YouthBuild’s Year One program) is included below, along with the April 2016 data on Class of 2015 placement. Placement categories include postsecondary education (PSE), employment, and Year of Service programs such as PowerCorpsPHL.

Please note: Placement measurements for the Class of 2015 are still in progress.


Class of 2014

Graduation rate: 72%

Enrollee Placement Rate: 67%

Graduate Placement Rate: 87%

Enrollee Placements:

  • Year of Service: 5%
  • Postsecondary Education (PSE) Only: 31%
  • Employment Only: 41%
  • PSE and Employment: 23%


Class of 2015

Graduation rate: 72%

Enrollee Placement Rate: 66%

Graduate Placement Rate: 84%

Enrollee Placements:

  • Year of Service: 11%
  • Postsecondary Education (PSE) Only: 17%
  • Employment Only: 65%
  • PSE and Employment: 7%