Education and job training are essential pathways to self-sufficiency. Two thirds of Philadelphia’s high school dropouts can’t find an employer to hire them. And in today’s economy, even a high school diploma won’t guarantee meaningful employment – especially for young adults with little or no work experience. Many YouthBuild students and their families live below the poverty line because they can’t secure stable, living-wage employment.

To expand students’ career options, YouthBuild Philly offers job training in four fields: Business Administration/Customer Service, Child Care, Healthcare, and Building Trades.

Our job training takes place in real-world settings – e.g., at a nursing home, in a childcare facility, or on a construction site. As students learn these vital job skills, they also provide valuable volunteer service to their community.

Check out the latest student publications from students on each vocational track as they share their perspectives on relevant topics and current events:

Advanced Legends

Business Administration Scholars

Child & Youth Development


Health & Human Services

Business Administration and Customer Service

The goal of the Business Administration Scholars track (BAS) is to connect young adults to employment opportunities in offices, retail and customer service. Students learn standard office software and computing skills as well as customer service and safe food handling practices.


Healthcare students at YouthBuild can pursue certification as EMTs, Home Health Aides, or Certified Nursing Assistants. Training for this high-demand industry is offered through partnerships with 1199C Training Fund and Randolph Career Academy.

Building Trades

Our students transform abandoned properties into comfortable and affordable homes for first-time, low-income home buyers. Since 1992, YouthBuild Philly students have refurbished over 80 homes in Philadelphia.

We offer three training tracks in construction: Green Building, Advanced Construction, and Building and Deconstruction.


YouthBuild Philly’s Child Development Associate (CDA) program targets the city’s need for credentialed childcare providers.

Students in the CDA program learn how to support the development of young learners and provide safe, healthy learning environments. The program prepares students to promote real learning through play, and includes internships with daycare facilities across the city.