A Window of Hope for Hassan

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Hassan’s Story:

When Hassan came to YouthBuild Philly in 2006, he had already attended several high schools, but had dropped out or been kicked out of each one because of his temper and impulse to fight. He was anxious about trying to go back to school after repeated disappointments, so he enrolled at YouthBuild at the same time as his sister to ease the transition.

What Hassan discovered, though, was that he already had “family” at YouthBuild, in the form of case managers and vocational instructors who were eager to support him as he worked to overcome his old mindset. Hassan enrolled in the selective Certified Nursing Assistant training track, and gained confidence and professional skills while interning at Mercy Hospital and volunteering at a Red Cross senior center.

Thanks to his valuable on-the-job training, Hassan found a job within two weeks of graduation and has excelled in his career thanks to the professional and communication skills he learned at YouthBuild. He is now a senior CNA at Shriner’s Hospital for Children in North Philadelphia and is the self-described “go-to guy” for his department due to not only his professional experience, but also his experience as a parent. He has a knack for “dealing with kids on a kid’s level,” he says, but plans to go back to school and eventually open his own home security business. “The sky’s the limit,” he says of his future.

As someone who came from a background where “there was so little hope,” Hassan encourages everyone to not give up on young people. Finding YouthBuild helped Hassan turn his life around and escape the streets. “Most of the people I grew up with are either dead or in jail,” he says, “and if not for YouthBuild, that could’ve been me; YouthBuild saved my life.”

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Humans of YB: Andrea, Class of 2016

AndreaAndrea is a health care student at YouthBuild, pursuing an EMT certification.  “It’s a family thing,” she said of her career goals. “My father and godfather are both firefighters. I’ve always wanted to be a paramedic.”

Andrea left her old school to find work, but soon discovered that she needed a diploma to get the jobs she was looking for.  Her cousin, a YouthBuild graduate, suggested she apply to YouthBuild.

However, going to YouthBuild means more to Andrea than just getting a diploma and a job certification. Since enrolling, Andrea has found motivation, inspiration and support. “(Health Care Coordinator) Ms. Nakesha is my motivation,” she said.  “She’s on our backs like crazy in the health care program. If we are late or don’t show up, she texts us immediately, and she is always reminding us that our hard work will pay off in the future.”

“I haven’t been at YouthBuild very long, but the staff here have helped me with getting my ID, getting transportation, and even clothing,” Andrea says. “It makes me feel wanted.”

“I’ve been going through stuff, but I manage to show up and stay resilient, and I’m proud of that.  The best piece of advice I’ve gotten at YouthBuild is that nothing is handed to you; you’ve got to put in the work. And when I think about my future, it makes me go at it more.”

Healthcare Students Complete Nurse Aide Training

YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School’s Healthcare students each received a Certificate of Completion for successfully completing the nurse aide training course at Leahy Caregivers, Inc. The nurse aide training consists of three rotations, including 59 classroom hours, 47 lab hours, and 42 clinical hours, for a total of 148 required hours.

YouthBuild’s Healthcare students completed their clinical hours at the Philadelphia Nursing Home, where they shadowed experienced nurse aides and assisted residents with feeding, bathing and other activities of daily living. In addition, YouthBuild students earned American Red Cross Certification in CPR, AED and First Aid.

To date, eleven Healthcare students have passed the written portion of the Pennsylvania Nurse Aide exam, and eight students have passed the skills portion of the exam. A total of seven Healthcare students have successfully passed both the written and skills portion of the Pennsylvania Nurse Aide exam and are now Certified Nurse Aides. Please wish our students luck as they continue to sit for the Pennsylvania Nurse Aide exam in hopes of becoming Certified Nurse Aides!

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