Mathematics Teacher

Born and raised in Philadelphia by parents who migrated from the island of Jamaica, Christina was instilled with the importance and power of love, faith, humility, knowledge, and community- “out of many, one people”(a Jamaican motto). It is with these core values that she desires to embrace, support and build on human experience, interaction, and development.

Christina earned her bachelor’s degree in mathematics at Haverford College before enrolling in UPenn’s Teacher Education Program where she earned her master’s degree in secondary education. During her student-teaching experience, Christina adopted Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s philosophy of education: “Intelligence plus character- that is the goal of true education”. Eager to put this philosophy to practice, Christina accepted a position as a math teacher at YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School which was nothing short of a blessing.

At YouthBuild, Christina has the unique opportunity of not just being a math teacher, but being a mentor, a community member, and so much more. It is with this opportunity that she further fosters her practice of designing effective math curriculum that promotes critical thinking and problem solving through productive struggle, her philosophy of educating the whole person, and her passion for service. Whether in the classroom or not, Christina can usually be found smiling and appreciating the beauty of simplicity.