Thank You Spring Break Supporters!

To the many friends, family, and fans who made donations in support of our intrepid Spring Break Service Trip Volunteers: Thank you!  The 7-day trip to Utuado, Puerto Rico was an unforgettable opportunity for YouthBuild students to participate in service learning while exploring a new culture and landscape.  This trip wouldn’t have been possible without your support.

This year’s service learning opportunity included work clearing trails and roads on an organic coffee farm in central Puerto Rico.  This was not an easy task – some of the fallen leaves in the surrounding forest were as big as our staff members! – but students persevered and even composed YouthBuild-themed chants to sustain their morale as they explored the new terrain. This work will count toward the 675 hours of volunteer service that every YouthBuild student must complete to graduate.

The group additionally traveled to several Puerto Rico landmarks, including an indigenous ceremonial site, a mountainside formation called Cueva Ventana, and the capitol city of San Juan:

“The highlight of the trip was to be in Puerto Rico,” said student Ciera Russum, who added that she’d never traveled somewhere predominantly Spanish-speaking. She also enjoyed trying new types of food while on the trip, and having the opportunity to deepen her friendships with other YouthBuild students.

Ciera’s only regret was that she did not bring a camera with her.  Luckily for her – and those of us who stayed on the mainland for Spring Break – the YouthBuild staff who accompanied students on the trip took many terrific photos.  For more of their pictures, check out our Spring Break 2012 photo set on Flickr!

Does your company give through United Way?

Is your organization participating in a United Way giving campaign? YouthBuild Philly is a United Way community partner, and we receive donations through United Way of Southeastern PA as Donor Choice #14574.

YouthBuild gives high school dropouts in Philly a second chance.  If you don’t know about us, please take 6 minutes to watch this short film produced by the Sundance Institute.

There are tens of thousands of dropouts in Philly. We offer the most motivated of these young people the opportunity to earn a diploma and receive vocational training.  We help them prepare for college and careers, and gain the life skills to be successful and self-sufficient.

If you are making a donation to United Way, please consider designating your contribution to YouthBuild Philly with UWSEPA Donor Choice #14574. Please share our work, and this number, with your colleagues and encourage them to do the same.

You can also donate online here.

Thanks so much for your support!